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~Yingxiang - Large Intestine 20~

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In the naso-labial groove, at the level of the midpoint of the lateral border of the ala nasi


transverse insertion along the groove 0.3 - 0.5 inch

Moxa is Not OK . Note; Moxa is generally avoided anywhere on the face.


Opens nasal passages
Expels wind & clears heat


nasal obstruction, nosebleed, deviation of the mouth, itching or swelling of the face.


Yingxiang is the point of choice for all disorders of the nose, from congestion to polyps.

The Large Intestine channel generally has a strong affect on the face, so the influence of Yingxiang may be expanded to treat all kinds of facial disorders in combination with other points.

An Extraordinary point called 'Bitong ' is located on the side of the nose just superior to Yingxiang at the top of the nasal groove, and which has most of the same properties, especially in treating nasal difficulties. In fact, Yingxiang can be needled all the way through to Bitong to reinforce its effect on the nose.

This point can considerably ease breathing, which is of some importance to a Qi Gong practitioner and those with breathing difficulties whatever the reason.



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