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~ Laogong - Pericardium 8 ~

" Palace of Toil "




between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones, proximal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint, in a depression at the radial side of the third metacarpal bone.

note; this point is best located at the place where the tip of the middle finger lands when a fist is made.


perpendicular insertion 0.5 inch

moxa is OK


Clears heat from the pericardium and revives consciousness
Clears heat from the heart and calms spirit
Harmonizes the stomach and clears heat from the middle jiao
Clears the nutritive level and cools blood.

Signs and Symptoms

cardiac pain, mental disorder, epilepsy, gastritis, foul breath, fungus infection of the hand and foot, vomiting, nausea


Laogong is a principal point to revive consciousness and calm the spirit. It is particularly useful in the treatment of febrile diseases affecting the Heart that give rise to psycho-emotional disturbances. According to ancient texts it was the Pericardium channel that treated diseases of the Heart. In fact, the Heart had no channel of its own at first. Even though, the Heart channel was added later, Pericardium points are still preferred to treat disorders of the Heart.

In 5 Elements theory both the Pericardium and the Heart are Fire. Laogong is the Fire point on a Fire channel making it particularly suited for clearing fire from the Heart.

Fire may develop in the Heart a number of ways including
i) stagnant Liver Qi
ii) deficient Kidney (water) failing to restrain Heart (fire)
iii) excess of any of the 5 cardinal emotions
iv) febrile diseases

Since the Heart is seen as the residence of spirit (mind), almost any disharmony will give rise to psychological and/or emotional disturbances. Heart excess will give rise to ceaseless laughter, while heart deficiency will give rise to profound sadness.

Heart fire is seen as an excess condition agitating the spirit giving rise to symptoms like a propensity to anger, mania-depression, and epilepsy.

The Heart is connected directly to the root of the tongue and opens into the tongue. Heart fire may manifest with tongue ulcers.

Since a branch of the channel travels through the diaphragm into the middle and lower Jiaos (the stomach and the intestines), plus being related to the San Jiao channel directly, Pericardium points have a strong effect on the middle. Laogong is indicated where fire disrupts digestion resulting in vomiting and foul breath.

Laogong's ability to clear heat from the blood and its location makes it suitable to treat many skin disorders affecting the palms of the hands including eczema, tinea, (a fungal infection that causes white or light brown patches on the skin), and scaling.

Finally, Laogong is particularly important in Qi Gong practice as it is one of the points practitioners learn to breath through. It is also the principal point for 'emitting' Qi. In Reiki, Laogong is most likely the point through which Dr. Usui channeled Reiki energy.


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