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While Western Astrology is based on the alignment of planets in the heavens, Chinese Astrology is based on the qualities exemplified by 12 basic animal types.

Both systems derive information from the year, month, day and hour of birth.

Below is a table with all 12 animals and the years that each rules. Find the year of your birth and that is your birth animal. For example someone born in 1937 us born in the year of the OX

Someone born in 1947 is born in the year of the Pig. Someone born in 1987 is born in the year of Rabbit and so on.

The second piece of information you will find is one of the Five Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each of these elements also has a Yin phase and a Yang phase. This means the qualities embraced by each element will either be Yin (hidden, muted, recessive) or Yang (asserted, aggressive, dominant). For example then, someone born in the 1947, born under the sign of the Pig, will also have Fire Element qualities in their Yin phase. Someone born in 1974, under the sign of the Tiger, will also have Wood qualities in their Yang phase.

This is the first step in gaining some insights into your own personality, ideal matches in romance and business, prospects for the future, your destiny, and other important information about you and your journey.

Chinese Astrology fits into Traditional Chinese Medicine in a similar way to Feng Shui and the I Ching. All of these practices are designed to create an harmonious relationship with our environment, with the people around us, and with our own journey through life. Stress is a major factor in the development of illness, susceptibility to disease and aging.

Choosing the right mate or a compatible business partner will help to eliminate a great deal of stress and contribute to overall mental, emotional physical health, and longevity.

If nothing else, it is fun to get some perspectives on what our natural tendencies are and who would be likely candidates for the kinds of relationships most of us dream about but rarely seem to manifest. Like other such Oriental practices, Chinese Astrology rests on a firm scientific foundation proven by thousands of years practice and observation. Notions of Love, feelings, and intuition, while important components in making any kind of decision in life, can be quite unreliable. They tend to come and go like the wind. Having a scientific method for checking our feelings and balancing them will much improve our ability to make good decisions about the kind of life we want to create.


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