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The Metal Element

Favourable; Earth & Water
Unfavourable; Fire & Wood

Sudbury - Giant Nickel

Autumn and evening are both Metal times. Its direction is West. Metal rules the Lungs, nose and the complete respiratory system. Its emotion is grief.

Signs of Metal disharmony include breathing problems and melancholy.

The Metal Element refers to the use of metal in weapons, agricultural implements, and in the making of jewellery and other personal adornments. Metal then refers not only to the Autumn harvest and war, traditional peasant pursuits, but also to leisure and entertainments pursued by the rich and famous.

The Metal shape is the circle like a coin.

Yang Metal is symbolized by knives, swords, ploughs, and other such sharp implements.

Yin Metal is symbolized by jewellery, pocket watches, trinkets and coins.

Since Metal rules the nose, all perfumes, scents and aromas belong to the Metal Element.

North-West is the Metal direction.

An old Chinese proverb states that construction projects should not be started during a Metal period.

Yang Metal types are driven by the need to succeed. They are aggressive, astute, and tend not to count the cost of winning.

Yin Metal types, are more concerned with the fruits of success than with succeeding itself.

Either way, both types are success oriented, and usually prefer to be self employed rather than working for someone else.

The colour of metal is either white, gold, silver, or any metallic surface.

Even while being driven to succeed, Metal people also have a deeply sensitive to any kind of personal tragedy. Failure to a Metal person qualifies as a personal tragedy. Consequently, Metal people are prone to be overly dramatic in their expressions of grief.

Metal is nourished by Earth and in turn it nourishes Water. Relationships in which either of these elements appears is favourble for the Metal person.

Metal is controlled by Fire, and itself is seen destroying Wood. Relationships in which either of these elements appear is seen to be unfavourable for the Metal person.

Even so, this is not always the case. Yin fire for example, can sometimes be seen as a favourable omen, as the warming influence can be used to soften metal so that it can be moulded into more useful things. Likewise, an axe made of Metal can be used to shape Wood into something of greater value.

The Monkey and the Rooster are Metal animals.

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