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The Wood Element

Favourable; Wood & Fire
Unfavourable; Metal & Earth

Canadian forest.

The Wood Element is associated with Spring, the time when new shoots begin to push their heads up through the soil. All vegetation is represented by the Wood Element. Wood suggests the creative principal, the feminine principal, and new beginnings of all kinds.

Yin Wood represents the strength that it takes for a new shoot to push up through the ground, a chick needs to break through the hard shell of an egg, or a baby needs to come out into the world. Yin Wood represents also growth and development.

Yang Wood represents the planting of the seed, the moment of conception, the essence of creation.

Wood periods are a time for healing, for bestowing favours, for helping others, for beginning projects and time for initial growth both personally and professionally.

Wood people tend to be benefactors. They are drawn to the helping professions. They assist those less fortunate than themselves. Wood people prefer to work and play in a cooperative environment. While they make good leaders, they lead by gaining the cooperation of others rather than expecting them to be obedient. Wood people are not big on discipline for the sake of discipline. Wood people are usually motivated by a higher purpose.

Yang/Wood people tend to be more creative. They are good at starting things but usually prefer that others finish what has been started.

Yin/Wood people are better at drawing out the best in others, especially in a practical way.

The emotion of Wood is anger, and the organ system is the Liver along with its related organ system, the Gallbladder. Its colour is green and its shape is upright rectangular. Wood is associated with growth, especially new growth,as its associated time of year is Spring.

Signs of Wood disharmony include irritability and vision problems.

Wood people may tend to have a temper especially if frustrated. The sense organ is the eyes and might tend to have 'blind spots' in their world view.

In the Nourishing cycle,Wood nourishes Fire and is nourished by Water.

Wood people would find the colour green, vertical shapes, and live plants in their environment all contributing to overall harmony. To enhance, add the Water element in the form of a fountain or fish tank. A touch of red, or Fire Element further nourishes the harmony. Relationships with Fire and Water people tend to be easier for the Wood Person.

The Controlling or Destructive Elements are Earth and Metal. Relationships with Earth and Metal people tend to require more work to produce harmony.

The Tiger and the Rabbit are ruled by the Wood Element.

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