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Thus it is that the Tao produces all things, nourishes them, brings them to their full growth, nurses them, completes them, matures them, maintains them, and overspreads them.

Tao Te Ching - Chapter 51


The Woman's Orgasm

According to Taoist sexual magic, there are 9 levels to the female orgasm. Each level corresponds to an organ system and has observable signs. In most cases these levels tend to overlap and intermingle, and it is the man's job to correctly discern when one level is complete and the next level has been entered, until all are completed.

These levels are;

Level 1 - The Lung organ system. The woman sighs, breathes heavily and salivates.

Level 2 - The Heart - The woman, while kissing the man extends her tongue to him. The tip of the tongue, according to Five Elements theory corresponds to the Heart, so she is in effect, reaching out to him with her Heart.

Level 3 - Spleen, Pancreas & Stomach - As her muscles become activated, the woman grasps and holds the man tightly as if taking him in as one takes in food.

Level 4 - Kidneys & Bladder - She experiences a series of vaginal spasms and secretions begin to flow. It is at this point that many believe the woman has orgasmed. Like the man, she begins to relax as her joints loosen.

Level 5 - Bones - He bones loosen and joints loosen and she begins to bite the man.

Level 6 - Liver and Nerves - The woman undulates and gyrates like a snake, trying to wrap her arms and legs around the man.

Level 7 - Blood - Her blood begins to boil and she is frantically trying to touch the man everywhere.

Level 8 - Muscles - Her muscles totally relax. She bites even more and grabs the man's nipples.

Level 9 - The Entire Body is Energized - She totally collapses in a 'little death'. She completely surrenders to the man and is completely opened up.

Key to the success of this kind of sexual magic is the man's ability to withhold his orgasm, while he brings the woman to full orgasmic fulfillment. From the Taoist perspective, this brings complete fulfillment to both partners, as the man is himself energized by the pure Yin energy of the woman, and protects his own essence. His own essence that would have been lost by ejaculation is retained and directed upwards. Ultimately, the experience for both is far superior.

Any difficulties at any of the stages would suggest a disharmony at the level. For example, lovemaking that habitually stops at the 4th stage, either indicates a problem in the Kidneys, or, over time may be the cause of a Kidney disharmony. Kidney disharmonies are manifest as prostate problems in men, and uterine problems in women.


The Man's Orgasm

Men are encouraged to approach 98% or 99% of orgasm, but not to 'go all the way' to ejaculation. This takes a fair amount of discipline on the man's part, but the rewards are orgasms that last up to hours, and fortify and energize him.

There is a story that these practices were originally developed for the Emperor who had 2,000 wives and 10,000 concubines, all of whom he felt obligated to satisfy and fulfill. This he could not do if he had to ejaculate every time he had sex.

Beyond exercises that allow the man to withhold ejaculation, there is another practice called 'injaculation.' In this practice, by pressing on an acupuncture point, the ejaculate is directed from the Prostate, back into the body, rather than out through the Urethra. This point, referred to as the Gen-Mo point, is Huiyin (Gathering Yin), or the 1st point on the Ren Extraordinary channel. This point is located approximately half way between the Anus and the Scrotum. This is actually a very powerful healing point in Acupuncture, but because of its location is not used as much as it could be.

This point is used in sexual magic to produce the 'Super Orgasm.' Normally, it is used from time to time, after the man has practiced withholding orgasm several times. By this time the sexual energy concentrated in the ejaculate can be overwhelming. With this method the release of ejaculate can be manipulated and controlled to last as long as the man desires. Rather than rolling over like a beached whale, totally exhausted and depleted from sexual activity, he is fully energized.

This is an important practice, since indefinite withholding ejaculation will lead to stagnation and problems, as much as over ejaculating leads to deficiency and problems. As in all things Taoist, balance is important. So the man must clear the ejaculate out of the Prostate and Scrotum for good health every so often. This he does by 'injaculation.'

Another practice that is not quite as good, is to pinch the Urethra at the base of the penis at the point of ejaculation. This prevents the ejaculate from leaving the body and helps to support the Kidneys, but there is not the super orgasm aspect to it. Another reason is that the ejaculate is more likely to be directed to the bladder and some essence is still lost.

Coming Together

There is another practice that is most helpful in coming to understand what Taoist sexual magic is all about. This is the practice of sexual praying. For best results this should be done each morning and each evening. It is a form of meditation. The partners lay together in a comfortable sexual position (usually the missionary position - either partner on top). They should lock themselves together as intimately as possible and adopt a meditative state. The sexual energy generated is used to 'pray' or meditate. In this way the sexual energy is directed upward into more spiritual realms.

Ideally, the love that one feels for one's partner is different from the social love that one feels for all others. 'True Love', as we might call it, is seamless. It unites two hearts at the physical level as well as the metaphysical levels. Partners should 'live together', not just in the sense of co-habitation, but in the sense of being 'at one' emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Men and women need each other for satisfying, healing, balancing and adjusting their physical bodies. In sexual praying, all disharmonies are resolved.

Every part of the body is holy and a reflection of heaven. Every human deserves nurturing, fulfillment, harmony, peace, and enjoyment. In the Taoist view, this is how one leads a spiritual life on the planet. By honouring the physical body one comes closer to the Divine. As it is on earth, so it is in heaven, a line in The Lord's Prayer, succinctly explains Taoist philosophy.

At the root of this pursuit of the Divine are the techniques of Taoist sexual magic.

Suffering, according to Taoist logic is not Divine, and suffering for the sake of spirit is even less so. To deny one's self sexual intimacy is to become extremely unbalanced on earth and severely estranged from Heaven. At the point of orgasm, one indeed catches a true glimpse of the Divine.

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